15 Balayage Highlights for Red, Blonde and Caramel Hair

15 Balayage Highlights for Red, Blonde and Caramel Hair

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Balayage hair color is actually a dye technique that gains its immense popularity around the world. It also has its goal to create a natural-looking and soft highlight that looks so modernized than the conventional coloring method.

The highlight for blonde, red and caramel hair works on different hair lengths, colors and textures. That is why it looks so flattering and universal among women. Below are the 15 Balayage Highlights for Blonde, red and caramel hair for you to choose from.

Caramel, Blonde and Brown Color Mix

The red tone of brown is also a good solution in balayage. It is good if you start with dark burgundy or chocolate brown as the dark base color. Then, you can pair it up with caramel highlight. But, of course, you still need to sprinkle it with blonde that sets off the previous colors used.

Caramel Toned Layers

If you aim to achieve Brunette balayage, it could actually be performed with the application of caramel tones. This color choice will definitely be flattering with most women who have warm complexions. Just imagine the luscious and the long wave flow that is the same as the real caramel. This will definitely make others go crazy over you.

Shaggy Blonde Balayage Bob

With solid colors that are ultimately in power in hair color style, brunettes really need to go through a frequent touch up. With blonde balayage highlight, the goal of rocking that natural dark below the layer while staying blonde is not a crime anymore

Caramel Ribbons in Chocolate Waves

Caramel balayage looks so appealing and pleasing before the eyes. This also simply evokes your senses as the chocolate and caramel is a sweet couple to ever consider. When you apply for this combo in hair color, it would ultimately be a success

Red Base Color with Blonde Balayage

Do you think blonde and red will go right to you? You will never look so good and glamorous than this highlight. This balayage version is indeed attracting the attention of women these days. If you believe in your heart that this one look good on your red hair and you will definitely feel daring, this one is just right for you.

Balayage Ombre for Blonde Hair

If you love a lighter end and you want to wrap it into the best coloring approach today, you can choose for balayage ombre. The look achieves that beach waves that melt toward the ends.

Medium Chocolate Hue for Caramel Hair

Tousled waves and tanned skin with sun-kissed highlights are among the attributes of a gorgeous and sexy surfer look. If you think it flatters you, experiment with caramel highlight with medium chocolate hue

Light and Medium Highlight for Blonde Hair

The mixture of light and medium tones gives you hair that dimension. This will provide a look of flowy and nice waves.

Blonde and Brown Colors for Caramel Balayage

When you mix blonde and brown colors, you will get caramel balayage. This will simply give you a modernized look

Brown Balayage Highlight for Blonde Hair

This is a hair color solution that looks so good on your blonde hair. This will definitely give you the feeling of coolness and warmth.

Dark Brown Balayage Highlight to Caramel Hair

The dark brown Balayage highlight looks so sophisticated due to the transition of hair. This just promises you the sweetest blend ever.

Brown Balayage Styles for Blonde Hair

This is simply a popular technique that co-exists with blonde hair without a shame.

Honey Highlight for Caramel Hair

This just looks so pretty because caramel and honey tones just blend perfectly together.

Golden Brown for Blonde Hair

This is just a stand out. Especially if you want a lighter and brighter look, the golden brown highlight is just the best choice to ever consider.

Caramel Balayage

This is a shade that just makes a perfect highlight. If you really want to try this one out, ask for a hidden highlight like this.

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