4 Differences Between Sadness and Depression

4 Differences Between Sadness and Depression

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At some point in everyone’s life, one experiences feelings of sadness or even episodes of depression. But almost everyone can spring back and live a normal life, without the after effects of those emotions. There are vulnerable people though who suffer from extreme emotions that often lead to addiction. Dual diagnosis rehab centers can provide you with effective strategies so you can manage both your addiction and emotional state.

Addiction can be perpetuated by a lot of things and this includes an unstable emotional ground coupled with a weakened state of mind. Both sadness and depression have differences and it is important to distinguish them so you are aware of the contributory factors they have towards your addiction.

A Clear Definition of Sadness and Depression

To help distinguish the differences between the two, it is better to first have a clear definition of what sadness and depression are. Dual diagnosis treatment programs are aimed to help you control these feelings that often become the source of addiction.

Sadness is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences. Once in a while, we experience struggles that prompt sadness. Experiences, situations, or life events such as an adversity, something hurtful, or something that disappoints you can rouse sadness. A different way to say it is, we tend to feel bad when something contrary to what we expect happens.

Depression, though, is a chronic emotional state that often develops because of extreme sadness. It is a mental disorder that affects how you perceive events that happen in your life. Depression can be extremely compelling that it affects every aspect of your life prohibiting you from living normally.

The Difference Between Sadness and Depression

The differences between these two emotional states can sometimes be elusive, and you might ask yourself if it is depression or just sadness. There are times when you feel extreme sadness and there may be times when those emotions are less obvious. So, what are the major differences between the two? Here are some of them:

  • Sadness is a normal emotion. Depression can be extremely affecting. One main difference between sadness and depression is that sadness is a part of life and normally allows you to jump back into your routines once you have gotten over the emotions. Depression, on the other hand, is deep rooted and can often affect the way you live your life. It can also be severely debilitating that leads to isolation. A lot of people manage the symptoms of depression by turning to illegal substances which can only be adequately addressed by dual diagnosis rehab centers.
  • Sadness passes, depression persists. One way to determine whether you or your loved one is going through a fit of sadness or depression is by looking at the periods of occurrence. Sadness normally doesn’t last for days and you or your loved one can still continue with everyday routines. You can even have moments of enjoyment with your friends and find yourself laughing at times. Depression, though, persists for days and can even occur for more than a week or two. You constantly feel desolated and would often feel helpless about your situation.
  • Depression can have negative consequences. Sadness only happens for a short period and people normally “get over” their feelings. Because depression happens for longer periods, it poses a severe impact to the suffering person. Lack of motivation, apathy, reckless behavior and substance abuse often develop because of depression.

Sadness is momentary, but depression can rob you of your personal happiness.  Both sadness and depression can dampen the colors of your life, but depression can be extremely impacting. Depression cripples your energy making everything less enjoyable and less worthwhile. It can also be a contributory factor as to why you are having problems with substance abuse.

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