5 Best Indian Television Shows of 90s

5 Best Indian Television Shows of 90s

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Best Indian Television shows of 1990’s – Gone are the good old days of Indian television, when characters were simple, stories were honest and dialogues struck a chord with the common Indian man. The 90’s were truly the golden times for Indian TV shows, from light-hearted comedies to realistic drama, these shows were unadulterated entertainment, no frills attached. Most of the shows from the 90’s have been applauded as classics and still hold a special place in the hearts of the audience. Multiple successful re-runs on various channels, as well as millions of views of these episodes on YouTube, prove that the shows of the yesteryear face no competition from their modern equivalents.

A trip down the memory lane of Indian television must begin with the reminiscence of the stomach tickling sitcom, ShrimaanShrimati. The storyline was developed around the idea of “Love thy neighbour’s wife” and demonstrated the shenanigans of two husbands trying to impress each other’s wife. The show was embellished with outstanding performances by now veteran, and renowned actors like JatinKanakia, RakeshBedi, ReemaLagoo and ArchanaPuran Singh. The show first aired in 1994 and quickly became a favorite of audiences who like to indulge in light-hearted humour. What particularly stood out was the fact that this could be the story of any middle-class couple, dealing with typical problems associated with married life, in suburban India.

Decades before reality TV became a part of modern culture, Boogie Woogie had established its roots as the most popular dance reality series in India. With seven seasons spanning almost 20 years on Sony TV live, Boogie Woogie started out as a dance competition for people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities, the only factor that mattered was talent. There was no exaggerated drama, which is common place with reality shows of the present. The audiences tuned in to watch some really gifted people display their flair on the dance floor, and only the well deserving was rewarded. With quirky comments and jokes whipped into the mix, thanks to the creators and judges Ravi Behl and Javed Jaffrey, the show was all round entertainment for the entire family.

Get transported to mystical deserts, float above the clouds and land up in magical towns with Genies, such was the gripping power of AlifLaila, a retelling of the thousand and one stories of the Arabian Nights. Each story was a narration from Scherezade (DaminiKanwal) to Sultan Shahriyar (Girija Shankar), an attempt at keeping him occupied for yet another night, and thereby surviving being killed at his hands. The stories are adaptations of the popular as well as lesser-known tales from the Arabian Nights, and a wonderful adaptation at that, which lead to the show being awarded the title of Most Outstanding TV Serial by the India Cine-goers Academy.

Flop show was most definitely a hit, a satire aimed at showcasing the socio-cultural problems of the common Indian man of the 90’s; this show was very well received by the viewers. The show aired ten episodes; each aimed at a different issue, such as the inefficient functioning of government offices, the late arrival of VIP guests at functions, and the poor quality of government constructed buildings. Laced with the acting prowess of JaspalBhatti, the show and its multiple re-runs have been greatly appreciated by generations, and very few shows have come close to delivering the same impact.

Who can forget the Diwan family and its iconic members? The title track of DekhBhaiDekh takes one back to the days when the entire family would gather around the TV set to find out what their television equivalents were up to. The show was a comedic depiction of the troubles and experiences of the modern day extended family. Each generation’s dilemma was explored, be it annoying parents, finance issues or irksome in-laws, which made it very relatable and an all-round favorite.

Those were the days, and those were the shows, unlike the white noise supplied by a hundred channels these days. Nowadays people spend hours flipping through channels, trying to find some quality entertainment, but all efforts go in vain. All the shows have similar synthetic content, packaged slightly differently, but the same monotonic theme anyway.

The situation is even worse for Indians residing abroad, what with the limited access to Indian TV channels; there are hardly any good quality Indian shows to watch. YuppTV brings a huge respite to these viewers, with access to various Indian channels; subscribers can easily watch their favorite shows anywhere, anytime. One can subscribe with a few simple clicks, which unravels a plethora of amazing Hindi TV shows, making it extremely easy to revel in the glory of the fabulous shows of the past. With access to channels of multiple genres and support for different devices and platforms, YuppTV is the futuristic way of watching television. So if the cable does not provide anything worth watching, head over to YuppTV!

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