7 Facts That Can Help You Avoid Towing Scams

7 Facts That Can Help You Avoid Towing Scams

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Who would ever want to experience sitting on the roadside due to minor road mishap? No one won’t. You’re lucky if a towing truck happens to pass by. After lending a help, you get relieved and you’re relieved that you can now go back to the road. You became thankful, not until they surprise you with high bills. Then and there that you realized that you’ve just been scammed. To spare yourself from this frustrating experience, here are 7 tips that you need to know to avoid scams.

Know who’s giving you a hand.

Keep in mind that scammers are never resting on their laurels. They are just waiting for the right timing in order to carry out their undesirable plans. Hence, always be alert and be on the lookout of scams. Whether you need a car towing Sydney from Roadside Response, a new jet ski battery or a car battery, know your service provider. One tip is to verify the person and which company he is working. Know whether or not the service provider is legitimate and is licensed to carry out towing services in your area.

Don’t give your insurance info.

In the event that a towing service provider asks and insists to have your insurance information, that’s likely a trap. As much as possible, always keep every insurance information to yourself. Otherwise, scammers would use these bits of information in order to take advantage of you. It could lead you to an irreversible regression if you take this tip for granted.

Identify your coverage.

Don’t get trapped into any scam that offers roadside assistance. Having said that, it’s always a great idea to identify the coverage of your car insurance. Some coverage includes roadside assistance services such as gas delivery, flat battery services and other roadside services.

Do it in writing.

Don’t let anyone tow your vehicle unless he has agreed to have it done in writing. If you think that you can trust everyone’s word, you are mistaken. There’s no guarantee that they would stick to what they say. In the event that the services have not been completed, you’ve got nothing on your fight if you don’t have a written document.

Read before you sign.

It’s a big mistake to sign in without reading the content. It could be too costly down the road. Check that every information matches to the standard coverage. Also, make sure that your 24/7 roadside assist in Adelaide by Roadside Response lets you know about the pricing before asking you to sign.

Insist on a towing place.

Don’t forget that the actual towing costs depend on the number of mile covered. Unluckily, there are some towing bandits that will insist to tow your truck to their own shop. Hence, try to insist your own towing destination.

Register in membership programs.

Are you a member of a certain roadside assistance program? If not, then you might want to join. This is a great tip especially to those who are travelling to unfamiliar places.

Don’t let towing bandits trap you in their playful plans. Consider the tips discussed above so you won’t be a victim of towing scams.

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