Amanda Pouls, the Girl with a Passion for Dancing

Amanda Pouls, the Girl with a Passion for Dancing

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The way to reach to the heart of the human being is by affecting their feelings. There are a lot of things that have been known to affect the feelings of the human beings. If you cry, you appeal to the emotions of the human beings and if make them laugh, you also touch their hearts. You can only make them laugh if you entertain them. That is why the entertainment industry is growing every day. The artists are coming up with vey exciting stuff each and everyday so that the people get glued to their screen all the time.  This has been done through acting, singing and even dancing. Amanda Pouls is a teenager that is interested in dancing.

Her mother has allowed Amanda and her sister to followwhat theirdesires are because she sees the potential in them. When you want to venture into the entertainmentindustry, you need to be very flexible. You might be requestedtofeature in little or uselessthings but in theend you find yourself to the top. Dancingis a very marketable skill but it is also quite hard. Not all people in theworld can dance. For you to be a good dancer and for you to be chosen to perform for people that havemadeheadlines in this industry, you need tobe very patient and ready to learn.

There are differentkinds of dancing skills that you can choose. If you are good at dancing salsa, then you should follow your passion. There are musicians that sing songs that only salsa can be the dancethatisfeatured. Ballet dancing is also another form of dancing. Ballet dancing is not very hard because you only need to have a flexible body. Your body shouldbeable to move according totherhythms of the song. If you are good at ballet dancing, you can become an actor/actress in movies that feature this dance.

Amanda Pouls also likes music. Music is sad to be food to the soul. Music and dance always go hand in hand. If you are a good singer, you might find out that dancing is also not an issue. Look at the musicians that we have today. They sing and they have dancers but they also participate in the dances moves that they make. Parents should let their children do what they like. This is in terms of talent. Their talents can make them very famous.

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