Banking Policies

Banking Policies

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It is very important that each of our clients and people who are entering the world of business, keep in mind certain basic concepts of what are the banking policies in the United States, which are very changeable depending on who is in power. The financial system of our country is a totally separate world, if we compare it with the United Kingdom and the European Union.

While the European Union focuses all its attention on a specific number of entities considered “leaders, we in the United States the financial system focuses on a number of financial institutions that are operating. This change in the economic model that we had been experiencing goes back to the decade of the 80, where the border restrictions made it almost impossible to the step of banks on the other side of the borders, which really made it impossible to competitiveness.

Today this situation has changed and now we can say that we have a fairly balanced financial system and functions, agreements and alliances have increased dramatically. That is why our FNBNorcal financial institution opens its doors wide to each and every one of their customers who have business outside of the country and need to secure support for its various banking transactions in a secure, simple and with the agility you need.

The financial systems in our country are controlled through the Federal Reserve, which is a government entity that operates under the operating procedures relating to banks. Among the most frequent operations and its way to access them we find more:

  1. Having a bank account: it may be a current account, which is characterized by the use of checks, this type of account is a debit card and the majority of the entities do not charge interest for the maintenance of these accounts.
  2. Bank cards: once the client determines what type of bank needs and the bank account that best fits your needs, you must automatically assess what type of credit card you want to have.

It is worth mentioning that applying for a card in our bank is not complicated, since the only requirements that we ask are:

  • Be of legal age.
  • Submit a health card.
  • Be a resident of the United States.
  • Have a labor contract.
  • Have a credit history devoid of unpaid debts.

In the event that you do not have a credit history, you are then prompted to the client, present a guarantor.

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