Best and Affordable Nepal Tour Packages for Trip from India

Best and Affordable Nepal Tour Packages for Trip from India

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For trekkers and tourists, there are millions of natural and cultural wonders in Nepal. The biggest wonder is the 8848 meters high world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest. In fact it is the most popular tourist attraction in the Nepal.  The capital city of Nepal is the amalgam of two races Mongols from the east and Caucasians from the west. There are plenty of magnificent temples and thousands of other immaculate palaces in Nepal. Moreover you will also find here grand Syawbhunath and Syawbhunath Stupas.

To visit and observe all these places, the most convenient way is to choose from affordable Nepal tour packages available with the tour operators in the country. If you want a successful Nepal trip from India, then visit their online portals, drop a request for booking or talk to their Customer Care Centre. Their customer care centers will tell you about Nepal Tour Packages available with them for a Nepal Trip from India.

How to plan a successful Nepal Trip from India?

It depends on for how much time you want to stay in Nepal and which facilities you want for your trip. Do you want to go by air, train or even by bus? They will provide you any means of transport for your Nepal Trip from India.  A Nepal trip from India will definitely amaze you by the view of ancient, medieval and modern sculptures in the country. You can carry cash up to 25,000.Previously there was a ban on carrying 500 notes to Nepal, but now this ban has been lifted and hence you can now carry denomination notes to Nepal. The ban was lifted during the recent visit of Prime Minister Narendar Singh Modi to the country.   In addition to cash, you can use SBI ATM cards in Nepal as well. But you can use it only in SBI Nepal’s ATM. There are SBI ATMS available in all the major cities of the Nepal. So decide and choose a suitable package for you from the available Nepal tour packages and enjoy a successful Nepal trip from India. 

Nepal Trip from India- some places of tourist attraction in the country

The main attractions in Nepal that attract millions of tourists across the globe to the country are trekking and Adventure Sports. You can enjoy Adventure Sports and Trekking in the Pokhara city of Nepal. Himalayas are very near to this city in Nepal. So choose from Nepal tour packages only that packages which will take you to this city. Without visiting Pokhara, your Nepal Trip from India is incomplete. In Pokhara, you will come across tourist hub called ‘Lake-Side’.

In the Kathmandu valley, the rich cultural heritage of the city, closest religious destinations and the cultural destinations will leave a long lasting impression on your mind. The amazing wood carved palaces, spiritual temples, create wonders about the artisans who built these magnificent pieces of architecture. A tour to Kathmandu during your Nepal Trip from India will make you feel about the city as some mystic kingdom of the 21st century.

During your Nepal Trip from India, you will enjoy lots of adventurous activities like climbing, paragliding and trekking etc. The lakeside is an ideal area for the recreation in Nepal. Here you will enjoy lunch and a beer and share your experiences with other people.

Through paragliding your dream of flying like a kite in the sky will come true in Nepal. However, it will depend on the weather. Flying time in the country starts from November to February. The best seasons considered for it are November and December.

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