Clen cycle: A knowhow

Clen cycle: A knowhow

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Clen cycle should be formed based on the goal of intake. Cycle should be formed after considering experience of the individual as well as gender. One can form many types of cycles with clen. Whichever the cycle one chooses the best thing which can help him is his own experience. Let’s look at few cycles of clen.

Cycle 1: with T3

This is known as T3 cycle. This cycle is mainly formed for preserving muscle and weight loss. This combination can be very effective mainly in muscle retention. In this cycle ancillaries can be creatine and magnesium. In this cycle, the clen should be started with the dose of 40 mcg to 100 mcg. Then it can be increase up to 120 mcg. T3 or Cytomel can be 25 mcg to 50 mcg. At the end T3 can be stopped for last two weeks.

Cycle 2: with anabolics

This cycle is mainly suggested for vascularity and hardness. Ancillaries can be liv 52 and Arimidex. In this cycle starting dose of clen can be 80 mcg. It can be increased up to 120 mcg. The dose should not go beyond this. Initially the cycle can be started with testosterone, winstrol, HgH, and T3. Clen should not be included for first two weeks. After that Clen should be added to the cycle with the dose of 80 mcg.

Since Clen has the ability to stimulate beta -2 receptors similar to ephedrine, it acts as a beta -2 agonist. This is the reason, after the intake of clen body starts burning fat deposited in the muscles. Clen can be very effective in enhancing aerobic capacity. It can do miracles in enhancing muscle mass. Major advantage of clen is that it improves and enhances oxygen transportation.


If taken in overdose the adverse effects will start within minutes of intake. These effects will last for hours. Some effects may exist even for days. Clen comes with long half cycle. So overdose will result in prolonged toxicity. Clen, once entered body will take long time to break down and this is the reason it takes prolonged time to go out of the body. In some cases overdose can even result in increased heart rate. This condition is also called racing heart. Heart beat may reach 200 beats per minute. Tachicardia is the well known name for this condition.

Some of the other adverse effects caused by clen’s overdose include hypokalaemia, stroke, vertigo, breathing difficulties, tremors, headaches, taurine depletion, and Hypophosphatemia. These types of issues are seen in individuals with improper intake of clen. Recommended dose will not result in these effects.

Safety to keep in mind while using clenbuterol

People have issues with cardiac rhythm or disturbances in cardiac rhythm should avoid clen. People who are using cardiac glycosides should not be prescribed with clen. Individuals should consult doctor before using clen of they are already taking drugs for weight loss. Clen should not be used by diabetic patients. Visit to grab more information about the clen cycle.

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