Different Branches of Modern Engineering and Job Opportunities

Different Branches of Modern Engineering and Job Opportunities

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Engineering offers a large number of lucrative job opportunities followed by different specializations. With each specialty, here’s a look at the definition, principal nature of the work, employment trends, possible career advancement opportunities the profession of applied science offers.

Aerospace Engineering

It includes comprehensive study of design, development, and manufacturing of airships and spacecraft. This discipline is generally divided between those aspirants pursuing careers on the aeronautical side and those performing their duties on spacecrafts. Both air and spacecrafts contain highly complex subsystems which need specialists from different engineering groups including electrical, mechanical, as well as computers.

Agricultural Engineering

This domain is also well-known as biological applied science, comprehensively covers subjects right from aquaculture (raising a variety of food resources which thrive in water), to land agriculture and forestry. These engineers also create biofuels, plan environments and find out better food processing techniques. Often they perform their duties in offices, but they also work outdoors and travel to a large number of worksites wherein they superintend equipments, their functions in agricultural settings. Some top engineering universities in Jaipur offer course in this stream.

Automotive Engineering

It is one of the most exciting, wonderful, challenging and highly rewarding career domains. Whenever a person drives a brand new vehicle from the dealership, he or she takes away the technical expertise of so many engineers, but exclusively, the automotive engineers. The professionals research, design and develop different types of vehicles and their subsystems. They perform their duties with highly sophisticated technologies to innovate products that thrill the human senses and bring the joy of mobility to the world.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers do their specializations in making roads, bridges, different types of buildings, drainages and water supply framework and construction. These professionals supervise and instruct construction teams and also work with other engineers. Civil engineers ensure that each and every structure remains environmental friendly and can combat earthquakes and hurricanes. This is particularly true in places where man-made and natural calamities often strike.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineers design, develop and amend the software and hardware programs that make all computers run. These professionals specialize either in software or hardware. Right from operating system, like Windows and Linux, to independent computer programs, like Photoshop and Microsoft Office, these professionals turn piles of hardware programmes into fully operational computers.


These are just a few hot braches that are highly popular with students both from India and the globe. After the privatization of education in India, the entire scenario has completely changed. There was a time when only a very few institutions were there to study engineering. Now, there are world-class institutions in almost all the Indian states that offer global quality technical education in almost all the branches of applied science.

Students can seek admission in any top B.Tech university in Jaipur to serve their purpose. The admission notices for these courses appear in the month of April and May every year. Once the students clear the admission test, they can hope for a bright future followed by a lucrative job in the national and multinational organizations.

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