Editing PDF Files on a Mac Using Movavi PDF Editor for Mac

Editing PDF Files on a Mac Using Movavi PDF Editor for Mac

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Versatile, cross-platform, and with lots of security options – PDFs have been a popular document format for all those reasons. However as much as you may be able to view PDFs on Macs using regular PDF readers, editing it is often a totally different story and is often regarded as one of the drawbacks of PDF documents.

For the most part the reason why PDF documents tend to be so difficult to edit boils down to the editors that are available. Most editors tend to be light on features, and the ones that have more comprehensive features are generally expensive. The good news is that there is an exception to this rule, and it comes in the form of Movavi PDF Editor for Mac (www.movavi.com/pdf-editor-mac/).

By using Movavi PDF Editor for Mac you’ll be able to open any type of PDF document, and view it perfectly on your Mac. It can also be used to open image files as well in JPG or PNG format, and can even open different files in individual tabs to allow you to edit them more easily.

The editing tools that are available in Movavi PDF Editor for Mac are what makes it really stand out however, as it will let you quickly and easily alter PDF documents in numerous different ways. To start with you will be able to update the contents of existing pages within a PDF document, or add entirely new pages to one. On top of that you could also rearrange the order of your pages, rotate them, or remove unwanted pages from the document.

If you want to add to a PDF document, Movavi PDF Editor for Mac will provide you with several ways to merge them together. Either you could merge pages from other PDF documents, or export Word, Photoshop, Excel or AutoCAD files and turn them into PDFs before merging them.

Aside from saving the documents that you edit in PDF format, Movavi PDF Editor for Mac will allow you to save pages in PNG or JPG image formats. That can be especially helpful if you want to extract existing images from within a PDF file and store them as images as opposed to PDF pages.

With the range of features in Movavi PDF Editor for Mac, you should have be able to take care of any of your editing needs as far as PDF documents are concerned. As you can see it is a far cry from your typical PDF reader, and will give you all the features of a full-fledged PDF editor without the prohibitive price tag or steep learning curve that is normally present.

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