Excellent Tool To Record The Desired Screen On Your iPad

Excellent Tool To Record The Desired Screen On Your iPad

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If you are an iPad user and want to record your gaming activities, you can use the best screen capturing tool. There are lots of screen capturing software available now, so you can carefully choose the right one based on your individual capturing requirements.  The best tool helps you to record several activities and show it to your loved ones or friends. The right technique to do these activities is to capture the preferred video from your iPad display correctly as well as directly transfer it to the PC, so you can edit and watch it on the bigger screen. Apart from that, it also provides you a fantastic chance to share it online. The Movavi Screen Capture Studio is an ideal choice for people who are a seeking for powerful software for recording various videos from the screen of iPad.  The simple software will appear as an excellent screen recording tool for iPad. Apart from that, it also includes effective video editing options that allow you to add your favorite voiceover operations to your recording that is vital for developing tutorials. If you want to know about how to record screen on ipad, you can read this guide properly.

Key features

The screen record is ideal for Mac devices, so you can use it for capturing anything that ranges from the screen of iPad to Skype calls, video guides, streaming video, etc.  There is a built-in video editing tool available in this software that helps you easily turn the raw footage quickly into trendy video clips.  Here are the key features of Movavi Screen Capture Studio as follows:

  • Record any screen and desktop activity
  • Enhance the video quality
  • Add effects and titles
  • Cut out the unwanted fragments
  • Save videos

Steps to record the iPad screen

The below instructions let you to get a proper idea on how to record screen on ipad with Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

  •  Download & Install Screen Capture Studio

You can download the program into the Mac device, run an installation file, as well as follow your onscreen instructions.

  •  Connect the iPad

You can launch it and click on the Record Screencast option

  •  Set your Recording Parameters

You can open a list of capture area and pick the device, after that select the landscape or portrait screen orientation option for the video. When you decide to capture your iPad screen along with sound facilities, you can ensure that the green check mark available on an audio icon of your system

  •  Record your iPad screen

You can click on REC option to begin capturing the iPad screen.

  •  Edit your Recording if required

Once you click Stop option, you will notice the preview window which let you to review your capturing video. In this stage, you can trim the unwanted things from the starting and final portion of the recording.

  •  Save your Recorded Video

You can directly save the video from your preview window. You can open save as menu as well as choose the audio and video tab for saving the recording in the form of video file on the Mac device.  You can pick the precise preset or format as well as click a save button.

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