First time visitors to Goa? A few tips that might come handy

First time visitors to Goa? A few tips that might come handy

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Travelling to Goa and spending the vacations at the place is always fun. However, there are a few things that one needs to be careful of, particularly if he is traveling to the place for the first time. Read more to know the important things to remember.

Picking Goa as the next destination on your journey trail through India is indeed a right decision to make. Better known as the beach capital of the country, Goa is one of the most popular destinations just often picked by the tourists across India as well as backpackers from overseas. It is a certainty that you will find a lot of travelers who will tell you multiple reasons to why pick the place for your upcoming holiday; some even might go ahead and announce it as the best destination in the country to relish the sun, sand, and sea. That being said, being a Portuguese colony for a long period of time, the place is home to numerous attractions that exhibit the influences of culture, eating habits, religion, lifestyle, etc. which the Portuguese made during their rule over the state. However, it is just one of the many facets of Goa tourism that make it a highly fascinating destination amongst the backpacker. With a large array of hidden as well as prominent beaches, some very old churches, tranquil palm tree-lined boulevards, crumbling bungalows, Portuguese cafes, first-rate hotels in Goa, splendid nature, cheap booze, larger than life festivals and carnivals, etc., Goa simply lures the holidaymakers into visiting it.


Goa attractions are not meant to be skipped and the place is a must-visit if you crave to spend a vacation exploring the Portuguese influences in Indian soil and the laid-back life at the sea sides. For individuals, who are visiting the place for the first time, given below are some useful tips that might come handy.

  • If your main purpose of visiting the place is spending a relaxed vacation at the perfect sun-kissed beach, don’t forget to carry the sunscreen. If in case you forget one, there are several pharmacies nearby the beaches where you can purchase one.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated is an essential as the heat can sap the energy out of you. Always keep a water bottle with you. Nimbu pani, coconut water, and other juices also help. The good thing is as you enjoy a leisurely walk at the beach you could easily spot a coconut juice seller.
  • As many travelers in the place enjoy the local liquors, feni and urrak, it is advisable that to keep a limit on them. They might taste smooth, plus, they are quite cheap, but make no mistake as they are potent.
  • Don’t carry huge lumps of cash. It is simply not advisable. Debit card or the credit card is a better alternative as they are safer bets. Also, bling is fun to wear, but limit the habit.
  • If you look for a cheaper mode of transportation. Go for the motorcycle taxis. They are cheap, plus, nothing can beat the joyride of these unique taxis as you traverse through the curving roads.

Keep a track of the above-mentioned, and spend a holiday that you have been craving for long. As there are frequent flights of IndiGo airlines, Go Air, Spicejet, Jet Konnect, etc. serving the place, therefore accessing it is easy.  Head to the place and get busy exploring its attractions.

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