Good for Female Wanting to Have an Extreme Body Transformation

Good for Female Wanting to Have an Extreme Body Transformation

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It is very popular nowadays that some females want to undergo surgery and some wanted for female transformation.  The most prescribed is known as Anadrol where women can have a good result. It is usually consumed with a dosage of 25-30 mgrms. Some experienced anabolic androgenic steroid consumers, combine it with Test prop for an even effective result. As best and for more information about it, it is not always recommended to use AAS or anabolic androgenic steroids. The choosing of a particular AAS is only an advice by some professionals and later discovers what type of gains and result that had achieved prior to using it.

Taking it in the right and long period of time

Normally, cycles are only applicable for 6 weeks for Anadrol in order to keep thing or your health to be on the safe side, especially in protecting their liver. Consuming it can lead to some serious side effects. Whether 7 Alpha Alkylated is known to be a very liver toxic. Consumers often experienced some certain pathological changes in their liver after consuming it for one week straight. There is an increase in liver values of enzymes GOT and GPT also called Transaminases which sometimes cannot be avoided to happen. These two enzyme values are symptoms of hepatitis or also called as a liver infection. Through discontinuing consuming it will normally appear some values in less than 2 months. But the longer the consumption of it, or the higher the dosage can cause a yellowish color of skin, eyes or fingernail. Even the liver catalyst gamma GT responds also rapidly to the Oxymetholone, causing it to increase.

Total awareness is strictly advised before taking this product

Consuming a high dosage of Anadrol in a longer period of time, there is a possibility that it could damage your liver in the end. Taking this several properties, like Anadrol 50, the liver values like GOT and GPT, Bilirubin, gamma –GT and AP also known as alkaline phosphatase, should be consulted first with a physician or professionals. Consuming AAS or anabolic androgenic steroids, is something serious to be given with care and total awareness. But according to some consumers, it does really make an effective result in a short period of time, which is a great advantage for consumers who choose AAS. In fact, many women had made testimonies and saying that they had a better love affair and have no problems at all. If only to be consumed properly and safely.

Consult a doctor for the best advice and the right dosage for you

For AAS can give you bad side effects if taken abusively. For further information, before it can become too harsh for most consumers, better consult a professional so they can change the dosage or maybe advice you to stop using it. Actually, there are lots of stores selling this product and even online stores can deliver. However, make sure that before you order it, you should be aware first of the possible side effects when taking the steroid. Remember that the average aftereffect on it include the development of acne, high raising of your blood pressure and Gynecomastia, some kind of an Estrogenic side effects.

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