How filtered water adds Health value to Food

How filtered water adds Health value to Food

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Water contamination is one of the biggest challenges that human race has been facing for a long time now. The domestic water supply in most areas is affected by contaminants of various kinds. These include sediments, heavy metals, disease-causing micro-organisms, industrial chemicals, and pesticides, to name just a few. Consumption of water that contains all these substances is an open invitation to a number of health hazards. Therefore, it becomes essential to make sure that your home water supply is purified and made fit for consumption. While there are options such as boiled water and bottled water,  choosing the filtered one emerges as the most reliable way to get pure and safe water in your kitchen. Installing Franke filter taps in your kitchen is an excellent investment that you can make for your family’s health.

Getting clean, healthy, and better-tasting drinking water is undoubtedly the most important benefit of using filtered water at home. But you would be surprised to know that it adds flavor and health to your food too. Here is how you can cook healthier and tastier with filtered water in your kitchen:

Better Taste

Conventionally, the public water supply is treated with chlorine to do resolve the problem of waterborne contamination. But chlorination is like a double-edged sword. It does kill a majority of disease-causing germs but affects the taste of water and raises some health concerns too. Food and drinks made with chlorinated water taste and smell peculiar. On the other hand, those cooked with filtered water retain their flavor and smell good too. This applies to beverages like soups, tea, and coffee. Additionally, the taste of foods such as pasta and rice, which are cooked or steamed in water is often affected by water quality. Even the ice you freeze will taste better if the water used is filtered, not chlorinated.

Better Baking

Water high in minerals such as magnesium and calcium is unlikely to give good results with baking. These minerals interfere with the fermentation process by affecting the action of yeast. As a result, your bread will not turn out as fluffy as you expected. Using filtered water ensures that baking is done properly and the bread bakes as good as you wanted it to be. Notice the change the next time you install a franke water filter cartridge.

Better Color

Chemical additives like chlorine and fluoride not only affect the taste and smell of the food but spoil their natural color too. Chlorine, in particular, has a bleaching action that takes away the bright color of fruits and vegetables and renders them dull. Using pure, filtered water for washing fruits and vegetables for salads is a great way to keep your plate bright and colorful.

Excellent Health Value

In addition to enhancing the taste and appearance of food, use of filtered water improves its nutritional value manifold. Even if you are using tap water for washing food items or soaking them, it still puts you at the risk of water-borne diseases. The risk goes even higher if the contaminated water is made part of your everyday cooking and is consumed as a part of the food. Switching to filtered water is the best way to reduce this risk to the minimum and ensure good health for the entire family.

Water forms the core ingredient in almost every dish and its purity is a serious concern. Seeing these amazing benefits of cooking with filtered water, many of the restaurants and caterers have adopted the practice. It improves the taste and quality of food they offer and also builds a reputation for them. You would definitely note the difference once you start cooking with filtered water.

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