Information You Should Know When Shopping for Swim Spas

Information You Should Know When Shopping for Swim Spas

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If you’re considering a spa for your home, a swim spa is a great choice because it offers both exercise and relaxation. There are several models to choose from with various features. The right information can help you choose the best swim spa for your needs.

Types of Swim Spas

There are various types of materials used to make swim spas and the type used gives spas their distinctive look. The three main types of swim spas for sale are:

  • Acrylic – This material gives the swim spa a nice finish and you can choose them with textured designs.
  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass spas offer a high quality finish in a variety of colours. If they were to be damaged, they are easy to repair. You can choose fiberglass spas with inlaid waterline tiles to give it a swimming pool like appearance.
  • Steel and Vinyl – This type of spa has steel panels with a vinyl liner. The spas are modular, so they are easily installed in existing spaces and you can select from a variety of liner designs.

If the swim spa is being installed indoors, then the steel and vinyl option will probably be the best choice. However, if the spas are going outside, then any of these spa types can be chosen.

Types of Propulsion

Along with the materials used to make the spas, swim spas use different types of propulsion to move the water within the spa. This creates a water current to provide the resistance needed for a good workout. They include:

  • Paddlewheel – A paddle, which is turned by a motor, spans the width of the entire spa to provide a smooth, shallow current. Since the current runs the entire width of the pool, there is no escaping it.
  • Propellers – The propeller in a swim spa may be custom designed at any size and is made from composite materials. The custom propellers have the most efficient flow, but are usually more expensive than the standard steel welded propellers. Large propellers are sometimes used because they move more water than the smaller designs. Propellers may be turned by an electric motor or a hydraulic system.
  • Jets – A swim spa with jets is ideal for both recreational use and exercise. An electric pump helps move the water through pipes to the jet nozzles. In this type of swim spa, the strength of the current is similar to that of a garden hose.

Some swim spas use turning vanes and grills to redirect and smooth the currents inside of the spas.

Types of Power Supplies

Swims spas have different power levels whether it is the horsepower of the electric motor or the speed of the jets. Some top of the line models have up to 50 jet speeds. However, the best way to choose the current speed, whether via jets or horsepower, is to take test swims.

This information will help you understand what the salesperson is talking about when you’re shopping for a swim spa and it can help you choose the best one for your needs.

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