Interesting Culinary in Jogja Kampung Arab

Interesting Culinary in Jogja Kampung Arab

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Yogyakarta or more familiarly known as Jogja is one of the destinations that most visitors looking for their vacation. This city hides so many interesting attractions such as the culture, the tourism places, and the culinary world. One of interesting places to visit is Kampung Arab. It is the place for those who love culinary with Middle East recipe. After you travel a lot to some tourism places in Jogja, you can try the best foods in this restaurant. It is a perfect choice to taste some original foods with Middle East seasoning. It will make your vacation in Jogja more interesting since Jogja does not only offer the beauty and uniqueness of the city, but also many touches of foreign country in any forms. As the example, this culinary with Middle East restaurant is not only to cover the needs of Middle East food lovers. It also shows you that Jogja even can serve many things from other cultures without losing its identity. Jogja is already known as one of Indonesia areas that are still strong in case of keeping the cultural value and tradition.

From the cultural value and tradition, it becomes the magnet for anyone to visit and know more about Jogja. With peaceful condition in the town, you may see how exactly Jogja different from other cities. Therefore, having culinary and special meals in Kampung Arab Jogjawill be the right alternative for those who seek for the different taste of food in this city. Moreover, the price of each menu in the restaurant is still in affordable standard. You will enjoy the day in Jogja while tasting delicious meal with special seasoning. If you come to this restaurant, do not forget to try NasiKebuli. You can taste special beef that is accompanied with special drinks such as Cappuccino with date fruit. It will bring you to taste of Middle East food in special region of Yogyakarta that is full of beauty and uniqueness. Some people also recommend this place as it offers you special places just like the situation of Arabic area. In this restaurant, you might also try smoking activity with Arabic style which is called Shisha. It is one of the best menu which many visitor looking for in this place.

To make your vacation more interesting, you can follow some suggestion below to visit some places in Yogyakarta and taste the culinary food here.

  1. When you have arrived in Jogja, please book the home stay or hotel that is comfortable for you. You have to know little bit about the area in Jogja, so that you can decide the strategic place to stay. It makes you easy to mobile in any destinations later.
  2. The natural attraction visit can be done in area of Gunungkidul. You can find many beautiful beaches and cave to visit.
  3. Do not forget to taste local food such as gudeg, thiwul, and visit Kampung Arab Restaurant for the best recommendation during your vacation in Yogyakarta.

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