Let the Silk Doona Dream take you away

Let the Silk Doona Dream take you away

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Anyone can tell you that to get a good night’s sleep you need at least 8 hours of it but with dust mites, achieving this can become a nightmare. Thankfully the Silk Doona Dream is here to help you get a great night’s sleep every night from now on. Here are the things you need to know:

  • Who the Silk Doona Dream is made for

Typically anyone can use the Silk Doona Dream to get some great sleep but they are especially more useful and helpful to those who are suffering from allergies or are sensitive towards dust mites. If you don’t know which category you fall into then you should check if you always wake up with allergy-like symptoms, the usual runny nose, watery eyes, etc? If you are then you are probably sensitive to dust mites and your body is forming an allergic reaction towards them.

The Silk Doona Dream is made primarily out of top quality material that is also resistant towards dust mites, hence for people suffering from them, this product is definitely a Godsend. The material chosen is naturally very resilient against bacteria, dust mites, as well as mold and mildew which can all be factors that will play a role in affecting how well you sleep at night or how great you feel when you wake up in the morning.

The Silk Doona Dream is made from nothing but 100% natural long strang silk certified to be AAA quality which is then encased in a 233 thread count, 100% natural cotton cover. It is light weight enough to not feel heavy on the body but it provides optimum warmth that any typical doona will provide.

  • How it helps you sleep

It takes more than being resilient to dust mites and bacteria for the Silk Doona Dream to be truly called a great product and it definitely lives up to its name by being made of material that allows the body to breathe at night so there will be no sweating during the warmer months of the year. The Silk Doona Dream will not bunch up or form bumps or lumps as you roll on your bed naturally at night to give you maximum comfort.

Perhaps best of all, the Silk Doona Dream does not contain any soft of dyes or chemicals that may pose a risk to people who are allergic to them. Everything about this product is natural and it is created solely to grant the user a great night’s sleep. What are you waiting for?

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