Let’s Talk Laser Printers

Let’s Talk Laser Printers

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When it comes to laser printers, there is no shortage of the sizes, styles and features. What has to happen first before you can select one is decide exactly how you plan to use this laser printer. Productivity levels and budget are the two biggies when it comes to making a decision on a laser printer.

In regards to productivity, do you anticipate printing a lot of documents? What about pictures? Are printing pictures or colorful graphics important to you? If you plan to primarily print documents, emails and other black and white documents, a black laser printer would be your best bet. This type of laser printer is affordable and integrates well in both a home use environment as well as a business office environment. There are different price levels from cheap for the standard entry-level black and white laser printers to the expensive ones that have plenty of bells and whistles like duplexing.

Next, you have to decide on the size and portability of the laser printer. They have desktop printers for easy accessibility. There is also a small laser printer for space maximization and even some portability. The smallest laser printer can even fit into a large briefcase if needed! For some people, the brand is important too. A few companies have consistently high ratings like Xerox and HP. In fact, HP has the LaserJet printer that comes in a variety of models. Laser jet printers are highly regarded for their productivity and reliability. When you research the laser printer choices, be sure to compare brand performance too.

Another thing to think about is the color laser printer. If this is for your home, do you really need to think about color laser printers? Will you be producing enough of a workload to warrant a laser color printer? If the answer is no but you still want a color printer, consider an inkjet instead. However, if the answer is yes, then it is time to head to a few websites to read about which colour laser printers are the best. You will likely find that the best color laser printers are those with high output and high resolution. The color laser printer is best for color text and color graphics. Some of them do produce nice photographs, but many others do not have good photo quality.

One last thing to keep in mind when shopping for a laser printer is the laser parts for the printer. While the printer may have a limited warranty, how will you fix it once the warranty runs out? You will want to choose a laser printer that has easily obtainable parts.

Back in the late 1970’s HP created a printer using thermal inkjet technology. It took a few years, but the printer that was first dubbed deskjet was created in the late 1980’s and used black ink only. It came in a little cartridge and the printer retailed for almost one thousand dollars back them. Their competition in the market was laser printers. The first deskjet color printer made its debut on the retail market in the early 1990’s.

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