Lord Krishna’s Teachings are all way to heal the wound mentally

Lord Krishna’s Teachings are all way to heal the wound mentally

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Janmashtmi celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, and it was the eight avatar of Lord Vishnu. On this day devotees observe a fast and staying up until midnight when Krishna is believed to have been born. Dahi handi is also a part of this festival which shows the flirtatious character of the youthful days of Lord Krishna. Mathura is a town place for the Hindus and it is also the birthplace of Lord Krishna. This city attracts a lot of devotees and priests from all over the country and all over the world. It is situated on the banks of River Yamuna and is a home to several Ghats and ancient and newly made temples. On the eve of Janmashtmi, Lord Krishna’s Teachings can bring the bucket list of life lesson that leads the joyful life.

Lord Krishna’s Teachings

We may number of times get confused and we constantly question from ourselves even in tiny things which are literally irrelevant or do not hold any importance in our life. Several hundred years, the warrior of Pandava Arjuna was in the same predicament. He was reluctant with his own uncle or cousins, the Kauravas. He was on the battlefield in Kurukshetra and before starting the war he got paralysed. He was wondering what good the victory was if half of his people would die at the end of it. When Lord Krishna befriended to Arjuna he gave him wisdom that controlled him into action and taught the war should exist in the mind first. And winning the war in mind is the first step to winning the war on the battlefield. Lord Krishna’s teachings above 700 verses that Lord Krishna taught Arjuna on the battlefield and it later compiled in Bhagavad Gita a text which is to be looked upon as the “manual of life”.

Spiritualism Art of Living

Hera is some points you can perform and overcome with your fear, anger, doubt and confusions:

  1. Giving up to be rewarded– “Nishkam Karma” (doing an action without expecting the rewards or without caring of it) is used in Bhagvada Gita . You have the control in your actions but not over the results.
  2. Treat everyone equally – Lord Krishna says (treat everyone with the same lens and parity). You should greet people with impartiality irrespective of the class.
  3. Think with the calm mind– keep relax and calm with you and the meditation is a great way to decodes sufferings not physically but mentally. And it gives you the intellectual relax.
  4. Act with confidence – If you are doing something do with full of conviction one should not comprise with any kind of negativity otherwise you will feel distressed.
  5. Be preparing for change– Always tries something new and out of the box that will give you the boost up in your personality and you will exhilarate.

Set high standards- If you have decided to do a certain course of action set own standards of excellence with convention.

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