Melaka city guide – Reaching the city

Melaka city guide – Reaching the city

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Melaka city is very popular for two main reasons one for its most sumptuous cuisine in Malaysia and other is it has become a host for travelers since it’s been a city which has attention grabbing attractions. Melaka has a rich history and very rich culture. Parade and Dataran pahlawan and Mahkota are the two biggest shopping malls in Melaka, which are grabbing attractions. Take a bus to Melaka today.

One more specialty of Melaka is it is the place where variety of culture meets and they are fused. Around Melaka one can observe the influence of Portuguese architecture. There is a fort which is overlooking the river which is built by Portuguese when they came here in 1511. In whole south East Asia this is considered as the oldest European Architecture till date. In Melaka one more place to enjoy the Portuguese culture is Portuguese square. From Melaka town it will take 20 minutes to reach here. It is located in Ujong pasir within Portuguese settlement. Since it is facing the sea, one can enjoy the sea breeze along with a good Portuguese food.

One can find Chinese descendant’s settler in Melaka along with Portuguese influence. But through intermarriage these have adopted and highly influenced by Malay culture. So they have formed a very unique Nyonya flavors and Baba flavors. One more place to visit is Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum. Here one can find combination of many cultures. Other attraction in Melaka Town Square is Muncipal Town Hall in Dutch, this is said to be the oldest and biggest Dutch building in whole South Asia. This is building took 20 years to complete because the materials used here are imported from Netherlands when Melaka took over by Dutch from Portuguese.

Jonker Street is the perfect place for the travelers who are mainly antic lovers. Here one can even enjoy local delicacies other attractions being cafes, pubs and Nyonya fashions and shoes. In Jonker Street one can also find Baba and Nyonya style accommodations. For example In Baba House one can truly enjoy the living experience of peranakan. Zoo Malaka and Marine Museum are the two main attractions of Melaka.

KL to Melaka:

Planning your trip is very important and you need to do it as a professional to not only save money and make most of your trip. Planning and researching is very important and a wise traveler always pans ahead of time as early as a year in advance. If you are looking at reaching Melaka, you can easily take a bus to Melaka from Kuala Lumpur. The easiest and economical way to reach Melaka from KL is by bus. The two famous terminals in KL from which one can get buses to reach Melaka are pudu sentral and Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. In whole Malaysia KL is said to be the main transportation hub.

Cepat and Cekap Express, Transnasional, and Konsortium Bas Express are the famous bus operators who are serving passengers from KL to Melaka. To reach Melaka one will find buses every thirty minutes from KL.

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