Outdoor classrooms for education

Outdoor classrooms for education

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if you’re interested in all the benefits of an outdoor classroom for your school, then you’re likely to have investigated the kinds of structures available. You’re also likely to have discovered that gazebos are by far the most popular style of outdoor classroom, and it’s not difficult to understand why: they can act as a picnic spot, a nature hide and a playroom as well as somewhere for more formal learning. So why are gazebos so popular and why should you buy one for your school?

It Can Bring the Outside Inside

If you want to give your children a sense of really being out in nature, then nothing beats an open-sided gazebo for blending the inside and the outside. And if you really want to spend time outdoors whatever the weather, then you can add a waterproof cover that extends the usability of your gazebo.

It Reintroduces Children to the Outdoors

By nature, children love playing outdoors and exploring the living world. It’s an excellent way of helping children de-stress, relax and get focused, yet increasingly teenagers prefer to spend time indoors using social media. Buy a gazebo for your school and you’ll start reconnecting your pupils with the joys of being outdoors in the fresh air.

It Can Be an Important Learning Environment

The kind of learning that takes place outdoors just can’t happen in an indoor classroom. That’s why it makes sense for the outdoor classroom environment to be as well-equipped as the indoors. There should be no differentiation between indoor and outdoor learning, and when you buy a gazebo you facilitate that.

It Provides a Relaxed Atmosphere

Just being in nature, with the different sounds, smells and views, allows children to relax and initiate their own learning. This encourages independence and self-reliance in a way that indoor teacher-led activity simply can’t match.

It Is a Great Place for Exercise

Physical activity is vital to children’s development and mental well-being. The open space of a gazebo encourages vigorous play and exploration of the space that is particularly beneficial for younger learners who can hone their coordination and fine motor skills with outdoor activities.

It Drives Engagement

Engagement is the key to successful learning, both for teachers and learners. In outdoor classroom activities, truly engaged teachers are often in the background observing learners and reacting to questions rather than always leading the learning activity. Their role becomes supportive of engaged learners rather than struggling to engage.

It Encourages Creativity and Collaboration

The opportunity to move learning outside makes lessons (and lesson planning) far more dynamic and creative. You could design living history lessons based on how our ancestors would forage for food, or look at the history of wood-framed buildings. Music lessons can explore the acoustics of making noise in nature and making impromptu instruments with leaves and branches. And art lessons will come alive when you develop your lesson into a wholly sensory experience.

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