Real Estate Development – Not Just a Mere Design

Real Estate Development – Not Just a Mere Design

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To most people the term real estate developer has become a familiar one and the common notion about their job profile is that they help in merely beautifying the property that the client owns. But that is not true; the truth is, there is a lot more responsibility on the shoulders of the real estate developer than just that.

A real estate developer handles millions and billions of dollars at one time and his work is rather complicated. It is hence that Chase Rubin the real estate developer from greater Philadelphia prefers to have transparency with his clients and values communication over all other tools of management. It is due to this quality of his that his name is counted among the most reliable developers of the region.

The entire domain of real estate development covers two major activities:

  1. Land Development
  2. Building Development

Any unimproved land that requires attention is brought to the rescue of the real estate developers. Here ‘unimproved’ would refer to any land that is lacking in something, such as connectivity, roads, grading, etc. This is what the work of a land developer involves. After understanding the areas of concern of the land, the developer defines the ‘covenants’, which are an analysis of all the future builds and changes that will be brought onto the land.

Then there is the issue of the ‘entitlements’ which are the permissions required to carry out the planned work. These permissions that need to be acquired are legal in nature. Only after both the covenants and the entitlements receive the okay signal, the land development work can begin. This work then entails the tasks of grading of the earth, levelling of the land, making the connections of utility and zoning.

Chase Rubin the real estate developer has a very busy professional life because of the involvement of so many things in the development process, yet he takes out some time to get involved in a game of his passion- tennis. This game proved to be very important to Chase because it taught him the ethics of skill, focus and strategy. It is these ethics that he incorporated in his profession too and leant to trust his intuition and remain confident at all times.

The finish of the land development sees the entry of the building developers. Their primary job is to take care of all the development process within the building, whether it is an office, or a retail centre or any other structure. Both the building and the land developers are close kins and therefore need to work very closely too. This is a pretty obvious thing, because the building developer’s requirements have to be kept in mind by the land developer during the development process, so that everything is accommodated accordingly.

The profession of real estate developer is fast becoming very popular because if you are a smart and wise developer you will end up earning huge profits because of the entailed debt leverage concept in it.

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