Ron Hindt– Practicing The Virtue of Forgiveness

Ron Hindt– Practicing The Virtue of Forgiveness

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Anger, hate and violence have taken over the world and it is here that the basic essence of mankind is being destroyed. Man is killing man and this is definitely not the Will of God. It is here that messengers of God step forward to spread the message of peace, love and compassion. Along with the above virtues, forgiveness too has immense power to change the world and a human being. This is why it is important for you to practice the virtue of forgiveness and transform the world into a better place for living.

Ron Hindt- spreading the message of love and forgiveness

Ron Hindt is a widely respected Senior Pastor at Calvary Houston in the USA and he has been preaching the tenets of The Bible to people from all walks of life in the nation. He says that forgiveness is that power that has the ability to change the world and mankind. He says that God is forgiving and this is the reason why He expects you to be forgiving in nature as well. He says that no one is perfect and man is born to err. However, when you forgive the other person, you will free yourself from anger, pain, hurt and the biggest vice of all the objective to seek revenge.

The number of hate crimes have increased across the globe and in this world of terrorism in the name of religion, it is very important for people to start practicing the virtue of forgiveness and acceptance if they really wish to save the planet from the destruction of man. It is true that the actions of an individual might have caused immense pain or even loss of a dear one to you however holding on to anger, revenge, hate and pain will only destroy you. God is taking note of everything and He will deliver what you have sowed on Judgement Day when you stand before Him for justice.

Many people consider forgiveness to be a sign of weakness however this is not true. In fact, it takes a lot of courage for you to forgive a person. As human beings, people have hurt and betrayed others. At times these betrayals are small and at times they are large. It is important for you to forgive and forget. Moving on from this pain, hurt and anger is the only path towards God. God forgives you daily and loves you dearly. If you become like Him you will find that He will notice all you do and will multiply the amount of love, happiness and fortune you get in life.

Pastor Ron Hindt says that life is a gift and it should not be wasted in hating others. Forgive and see the difference it can make in your life. The practice and the art of forgiveness helps you in a large way to transform your attitude and approach in your life. With the power of forgiveness, you can make your life radiant and bright. This invites happiness and bliss to a large extent.

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