Scamming the Skimmers: How Technology is Outwitting Credit Card Thieves

Scamming the Skimmers: How Technology is Outwitting Credit Card Thieves

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I can’t wait until technology catches up with those crooks who steal your info and clone your credit card.  And it appears that Samsung has come up with a way to do just that.  Reports of skimming activity continues to rise and cost Americans an estimated $500,000 last year.   It’s all just interesting news or attention grabbing headlines until it happens to you.  I’ll never forget the day I got the text alert from my card company with an urgent message that they suspected fraudulent use of my credit card.   I first thought, oh, this must be an honest mistake because the Hubby and I had ventured down the coast for a few hours and stopped to enjoy lunch at a seaside resort.

When I finally talked to a representative, I was peeved to learn that my card had been used to buy groceries and other items – in Texas!  Way over on the other side of the country from where I was at the time.  What in the world happened, that I and millions of other consumers around the world had been pick-pocketed without even being in the presence of the bugger.

Turns out that skimming is relatively easy to do and happens with the sophistication of a well-run enterprise.  Using a small devise, the thief takes your card at a restaurant, for example, and once out of sight, runs your card through and captures your information.  This is used to create a new card that can be used to make purchases, or the bogus card will be sold on the exchange.  When I thought back to when and where I’d used the card, I remembered the sweet natured waitress who’d made sure my tea was topped off and my plate carefully placed so I wouldn’t burn my fingers.  Bitch!  I use this card only once or twice a year, so it had to be you!

I can’t wait to get my hand on the new Samsung smart phone that has an app with the capability to pay bills and make purchases.   Now instead of handing your credit card over to the wolves, you can point and click and pay your bill securely.   And savvy shopper that I am, I see that T-Mobile is offering $100 off on a Samsung Gs6 when purchased with a Groupon Coupon.  And I love that I can get free shipping and other offers by using Groupon Coupons, which I do at every opportunity.

As tech companies scramble to outwit the skimming artists of the world, I feel much better knowing there’s at least one thing I can do, and with Groupon Coupons, I can do it for less.

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