Singapore tops mobile data speed ranking in Asia

Singapore tops mobile data speed ranking in Asia

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Earlier in 2017, Singapore had clocked the fastest broadband speed among all major world cities. By the end of the same year, Singapore has also managed to record the fastest mobile data speed in Asia Pacific. Both speed test results have been documented by Ookla and the official reports are in the public domain.

The average download speed on mobile devices in Singapore through December 2017 was 51.5 Gbps (that’s gigabits per second). It was the fastest in Asia but the fourth in the world. The top three countries for mobile data speed were Norway with 62.66 Gbps, the Netherlands with 53.01 Gbps and Iceland with 52.78 Gbps. The fixed broadband speed in Singapore clocked at 153.85 Gbps. A similar report published in November 2016 placed Singapore on top for its mobile and fixed data speeds.

While Singapore is the undisputed champion in Asia, it is followed by Australia with 49.43 Gbps, South Korea with 47.64 Gbps, New Zealand with 40.22 Gbps and Hong Kong with 25.64 Gbps. On the global index, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand and Hong Kong found the sixth, eighth, thirteenth and eighteenth spots. China clocked 31.22 Gbps and found the thirty-first spot. Japan found the fifty-fifth spot in the world with a speed of 21.67 Gbps. Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines took the sixty-first, seventy-fourth, eighty-seventh and ninety-first spots. Interestingly, India did not find a place in the top hundred. It recorded a speed of 8.8 Gbps. Vietnam clocked 19.54 Gbps, Malaysia recorded 15.64 Gbps, Thailand had an average speed of 13.38 Gbps and Philippines recorded 12.35 Gbps. Indonesia clocked 9.73 Gbps. In the fixed broadband category, Singapore was followed by Hong Kong, South Korea and Macau in the Asia Pacific region. Hong Kong had an average speed of 133.94 Gbps, South Korea clocked 127.45 Gbps and Macau recorded 87.14 Gbps.

The Ookla global index that is widely considered as the industry benchmark for comparing internet speed data of cities and countries around the world is revised every month. Millions of people take the test voluntarily every month. The Speedtest results are assessed and a new index is published every month. Singapore has managed to hold onto its leading position for more than a year now. It has been a consistent performer, assuring the fastest internet speeds and moving beyond the fixed broadband and mobile data, the city state is now championing 4G LTE with reliable Wi-Fi hotspots.

The distinction of having the fastest mobile data speed in Asia comes at a time when Singapore has been ranked as the second smartest city in the world. Copenhagen tops the list and Tokyo finds the sixth place on EasyPark Global’s 2017 Smart Cities Index. As Singapore plans for smarter measures with better public transport management, urban planning and a fascinating business ecosystem, one hopes the city will increase its smart phone and internet penetration. Singapore is yet to overtake Japan, the United Kingdom and even Germany when it comes to internet penetration as proportionate to the population.

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