Some Benefits of Chocolate

Some Benefits of Chocolate

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Since its evolution, one thing remains constant – chocolate has maintained attention and it is regarded as the “food of the gods.” Such types of age-old contributors of love are significantly celebrated gifts to give the favourite person.

Chocolate is an amazing option to gift someone. If you want to know about personalised chocolate gifts, then you need to search the internet. You probably agree that chocolate rules the heart and melts in the mind with its unforgettable taste. Chocolate is an outstanding sweet treat and apart from it, it is also featured with a range of advantages. Some of the convincing reasons are as follows:

An Outstanding Aphrodisiac

According to research, whenever a person is in love, the brain generates a chemical, known as phenyl ethylamine (PEA). It was discovered that chocolates are featured with the same ‘love-drug’ that is helpful in triggering romantic trysts.

Plays a Role of Antidepressant

Dark chocolates encourage the manufacture of endorphins – a chemical sparking a feeling of euphoria. It is featured with feel-good chemical, called serotonin that is known as an antidepressant. It changes the brain functions that positively influences the mood. Dark chocolates are attributed to the increasing the serotonin levels in the brain.

Rich in Antioxidants

Cocoa beans are naturally featured with anti-oxidant nutrients, known as flavonoids. It was proven that the anti-oxidant activity involved with the cocoa beans is equivalent to or higher, as compared to most of the super-foods including blueberry, acai berry, pomegranate, and cranberry. The flavonoids might be helpful in boosting the brainpower, prevent clotting, increase arterial blood flow, and encourage healthy heart functions. They permit the body to yield nitric oxide that might be helpful in lowering the blood pressure.

Keeps the Heart Healthy and Happy

The flavanols in dark chocolate are able to encourage the endothelium for producing Nitric Oxide (NO). The endothelium is the lining involved with arteries. One significant function of NO is to dispatch signals to the arteries for the relaxation that lowers the resistance to the flow of blood and therefore minimizing blood pressure and maintaining the health of the heart.

Makes Glowing Skin

The bioactive compounds involved in chocolate are great for the skin. The flavonols are capable of providing protection against sun-induced damage, improving blood flow to the skin as well as increase hydration and skin density.

Boosts Brainpower

Dark chocolate may also help in improving the brain function. According to one study, 5 days consumption of high-flavanol cocoa enhanced the blood flow to the brain. Cocoa may considerably boost cognitive function in elderly individuals involved with mental impairment. It is also helpful in improving verbal fluency along with various risk factors for disease.

As per research, dark chocolates have a high satiety value and for that reason they make one feels full for a significant time. They are loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids that are said to improve the metabolism as well as burn fat.  You can gift chocolate gift baskets if you are convinced now.

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