Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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It is a healthy replacement therapy that has become quite a popular search term nowadays. The surge in popularity includes many adults looking for its fresh benefits. It is a kind of a Hormone Replacement Therapy that deals particularly with testosterone. It is a very effective therapy that helps to elevate the T level of an individual by applying testosterone in the blood stream of a human body. People who are in need of this therapy have several options available for them. Among them is the oral therapy that comes with pills or dissolving strips. However, this method of treatment is often sidelined as it is believed that the effects of increasing the T level are not increased. This is because the pills have some complications with the liver. The other, method is the topical application that comes with gels, homeopathic testosterone cream deodorant sticks etc. This method has been proved quite effective in increased libido, building lean muscle, decreasing fat and boosting energy and stamina.

Chemistry between T and male

The hormone testosterone is often linked with male sex. The reason for that is it controls male characteristics. Homeopathic testosterone cream is essential in maintaining male sex drive and sexual functionality. The level of T decreases by the age of 25 by a rate of 1.25% every year. This means when you reach the age of 50 the particular hormone level decreases to 31.25%. By using this cream you gain a lot of helping hands for the natural occurrence of testosterone. It gives you intensified orgasms and climaxes. The other benefits are sleep patterns, reduction of cholesterol level, increased bone density and improves mood. As a reducer of cholesterol, it is also used in the treatment of heart disease. Use this product daily on your skin, on the area behind the knees, upper chest, and neck and on the upper arms. Apply half a teaspoon of cream when you wake up, before going to bed and before any sexual activity.

Is the treatment safe?

According to study testosterone replacement, should only be given to men who have hypogonadism or very low level of testosterone in their body. Before undergoing this treatment measure the hormone level through a blood test. It is completely safe if you follow the treatment’s guidelines. However, people who have prostate cancer or breast cancer are the candidates who must not go under the treatment. It is because; use of increased or foreign testosterone with breast cancer or prostate cancer is contraindicated and grows these cancers rather reducing them. In a study of tracking 11 million people, it has been found 75 percent of participant violate the norms of consumption and did not have their T level tested before getting prescribed. Therefore, the violation has caused harm to the reputation of the treatment reputation. Even you must fit this in your mind violating the dosage and without any requirement may build risk of blood clots, acne or male pattern baldness, infertility and hepatic problems.

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