The Specialties That Make a Prophet the Voice of God

The Specialties That Make a Prophet the Voice of God

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A prophet must possess immense power and knowledge about the Holy Spirit without which it’s not possible for him to perform in his great role or as the voice of god. In different scriptures it has been described that it’s their power of thinking, insight and coolness that help them to vision things earlier which is likely to happen. From that viewpoint prophets are also considered as the seer or visionary who can predict the future happenings and make people aware of them, caution them and guide them to change their paths. The Bible says that possessing certain traits is essential for a pastor to perform as a prophet. Some of these traits are as follows:

  • Prophets should have the ability to express their ideas, thoughts and philosophical views both verbally or in writing. Since common people and his followers listen to his views, believe on them and follow them in their way of life, his ideas should be based on the ideologies of Gospels.
  • Prophets like TB Joshua have deep judgment ability based on which they can articulate their views to people especially when they make mistakes or likely to commit sin. Whatever the judgment they give that is as per the guidelines of Gospels and Biblical philosophies. It is said in Scriptures that if prophets cannot stop his follower from making sins or evil activities, then he is not dependable in this position.
  • Prophets should be great mind readers. With their bottomless insight, they should sense the pain or anxiety or distress of his follower. If anyone comes to him with any wrong intention, he can guess that immediately. They have amazing capability or sensing power if something appears deceptive in front of them or beyond.
  • Prophets should always discourage activities that appears wrong to him. As the messenger of God, he is given the judgment seat and has the power to provide justice to the right person. While he should put all attempts to prevent an offender to spread evil things in the society he should have the power of forgiveness too.
  • Prophets are also human being and make mistakes. But they should be open to their wrong decisions to his followers as well as God. Many times, by mistake they take harsh judgment for others. They should have the feeling to realize that and reassure God to give the right justice that makes him valued to common people.
  • Needs no mention, in all their activities, from preaching people to counseling them or involving in social welfare activities with his followers, all his actions should be wholehearted. He should act as the leader of the team. Passionate involvement in his tasks makes them great in the position of pastor and prophet.

Prophets should be loyal to whatever is truth even if his devotion cuts relationship with his followers. His honesty, however, makes the devotees come back. The distinguished prophet and pastor TB Joshua believes that when it comes to the consequence of sticking to the truth, they should be ready to embrace all kinds of sufferings for what is right.

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