The top teeth extraction tools that every dentist should have

The top teeth extraction tools that every dentist should have

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When having to perform oral surgery tooth extraction, dentists need all the help they can get. Thankfully there are certain products in the market that are made to do just that, that is why every dentist should have at least some, if not all of the tools that will be listed here.

  • The surgical fissure bur type

While there are certainly many products out there that can assist a dentist when he or she needs to perform an oral surgery tooth extraction, none can do it better than having these types of surgical burs at hand. The first thing you should understand is that there is no one sized solution that is meant to handle all of the complications that an oral surgery tooth extraction will usually have.

That is why dentists need to first prepare themselves by understanding the sort of obstacles they will face in the surgery and what tools that are needed from the line of surgical fissure bur type that will help them get the job done.

For wisdom teeth extraction, there is usually the 701, 702 and 703 carbide wisdom tooth extraction bur that is meant to handle all wisdom teeth extraction only. It usually comes at a maximum speed of 50,000 rpm and dentists can easily maintain this speed while using it in an oral surgery tooth extraction.

Teeth extraction tools using by every dentist
Teeth extraction tools using by every dentist
  • The conical pointed, bone cutter bur

Sometimes the problem doesn’t lie with the patient’s wisdom tooth but in other areas where bone may be need to be sawed or cut. In this instance, a product that specializes in bone cutting, preferably one that also comes with a conical point will be the best solution for the job. These types of oral surgery tooth extraction products are typically known as the lindemann bur or lindemann drill.

It is not only easy to use but can be transposed in any direction with the flick of a hand. IT is also the ideal solution when the separation of teeth is needed or if the patient needs to have ja surgery done.

  • Surgical diamond products

This particular type of product is great for when more serious oral surgery tooth extraction procedure is needed and like its namesake, the diamond bur cuts through bone very easily to assist in the tooth extraction. Most dentists often root for this particular product for when the going gets tough, and where some other procedures such as shaping or smoothing of the bone is necessary.

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