Three Reasons Businesses Should Switch From Print To Digital Signage Displays

Three Reasons Businesses Should Switch From Print To Digital Signage Displays

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Can you imagine the world without paper and printed ads? You should. Print ads are quickly becoming a thing of the past. From mobile devices to smartphone technology, there is no reason for people to seek out print advertising. There was a time in the distant past when print advertising was the only way to reach your target audience.

Those days are far behind us. Not having to try to name your company something with an “A” to be found in the yellow pages, technology like nec digital signage displays are finding their niche market and doing away with the need to put it down on paper and send it out.

The immediacy of advertising and marketing has created a much more competitive marketplace. If you aren’t on board with all the latest ways to reach your niche market, you may be finding your way out of it and letting the competition win. There are three main reasons that your business should switch over from print ads to digital signage displays. Although a pricier alternative up front, the potential savings, and increase in revenue, will well pay off in the end.

It is the less expensive alternative

Digital signage displays like Navori are a big investment up front. But, in the end, they are a less expensive alternative to print ads. There are a lot of costs involved in print ads that the business owner typically doesn’t consider. Once you have your software set up on a signage display, you don’t have to worry about it, pay any expense for it, or continue to hire someone to design and print your marketing materials.

There is also no recurring printing fees or money spent sending out paper ads to your client base. Most people find print ads to be nothing more than an inconvenience, so printing ads may be close to throwing money away. When you use digital signage displays, you don’t have to pay any printing or distribution costs. Once you have made the initial investment, it is pretty self-maintaining.

Real-time information

In this day and age information is fast paced and ever changing. Print ads are permanent, meaning once the information is on paper, there is no way to change it without cost. When you use print ads, you are setting things in stone with the only way to alter the information is to spend more money sending out a new print campaign. When advertising via digital signage display, you can change information instantly and provide real-time information as it is released.

Instead of sending out newsletters to employees or students at educational institutions, you can provide information and update news bulletins immediately and in real-time. Not only a huge time saver; it also saves you revenue from printing advertising material.

Way more appealing

Print ads are nothing more than words on paper. A digital signage display is an excellent way to provide engaging and creative content. After all, information is no good if someone doesn’t take the time to read it. The new digital signage displays are way more attractive and help to build a relationship with your consumer base.

Print ads used to be the best way to reach your target audience. In today’s fast-paced world, if you are using print advertising you are throwing money out the window. Companies like Navori can help you to invest wisely in the future of your growing company or business.

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