What is the Job Security of Government Jobs in India?

What is the Job Security of Government Jobs in India?

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In India, the Government has many departments which are dedicated for the smooth and perfect running of the country. There is government in all sectors be it Banks, Legal Services, Health Services, Administrative Services, Municipality Services, Telephone services, and Railways. For all these functioning of governments departments, staff is required. Every month, Latest Government jobs come out that require staff for all these sectors.

The Government jobs start from lower grade level to first class officers. One can find different posts in the offices. Millions of employees work under government of India. All this is because the government provides a job security to employees at a large scale.

Job Security of Government jobs in India

Government jobs are considered to be the most stable and secure jobs and are also preferred by majority of Indians over private jobs. Government Jobs are stable and secure because:

  1. An individual doesn’t have the risk of losing the job, that’s because Government of India is a permanent and lasting body.
  2. One doesn’t have to face the risk of any decrement of salaries according to their work. The salary once gets fixed, will have increments at fixed periods. No demotion or decrements take place in government organization.
  3. One get guaranteed pay for the work they are doing. If salary of one month cannot be given because of some reasons, then the salary of the next month is given out with the salary of the next month. SO, it ensures that the person is being paid for his/her work and no loss of salary is faced by an individual.
  4. During festivals, festival bonuses are also distributed that add up to the income of an individual.
  5. Every month, a certain amount is deducted as Provident Fund which is given to the employees at the time when they need it as a loan. No rate of interest is charged on this. If the individual doesn’t use the provident fund amount then, they get this amount after they retire.
  6. There is a well-defined working hours. If an employee works extra, he/she is paid for it.
  7. Each and every public holiday is applicable for the employees of the government jobs and they don’t have to work on those days. There is also some options for extra holidays which benefit the employees.
  8. The employee gets a fixed number of Casual leaves, about 15 days in a year. IF he/she takes a leave, they are still paid.
  9. After an employee retires, he/she are given pensions foe meeting their needs and requirements. In the case of death of an employee, pension is provided to the nominee or spouse of the employee.
  10. Also, in the case of an employee’s death, if there is any need, a government job is allocated to the family member according to their qualifications.
  11. Certain allowances like the DA (Dearness Allowances), HRA (House Rent Allowances), and TA (Traveling Allowances) are provided.

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