What is the Significance of a Sunny Side Delivery?

What is the Significance of a Sunny Side Delivery?

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My friend’s daughter went on to deliver a lovely girl, but during the course of pregnancy she had a lot of pain in her back. She had to be part of a C section as it was stated to be a case of sunny side up delivery. All of you would have heard of breech birth, but what does sunny side up baby mean. One thing is for sure it works out to be an abnormal position for a baby.

In medical terms it is known as the occiput posterior, or the OP position. The head of the baby is turned but it is done in a wrong manner. The back part of the head of the baby which is the posterior so that the face of the little one is pressed against the pubic bone. Coupled with the fact it becomes hard for the head of the baby to be extended out of the pubic bone. In hindsight the process of labor works out to be a lot difficult and becomes longer.

What does an OP position indicate?

A lot of studies have been conducted on OP position, what it would indicate for a delivery and how it can be prevented at the same time as well. Here is what the studies would point to

  • This type of position is common in the starting stages of pregnancy and this would mean it extends up to 30 % of pregnancies
  • There is no need to worry as most of the babies are expected to return to normal position by the time of delivery. Only in case of around 5 %  of babies they tend to have persistent OP
  • The chances of having a regular OP are all the more common when it happens to be your first pregnancy. In numerical terms the risk happens to be around 5 %.

The major options if your baby is OP positioned are a C section delivery and not forgetting to mention an operative delivery. An attempt is undertaken for a manual rotation of the baby at the same time. Maternal posturing is also popular, where the back is stretched out, with the chest leaning forward. This type of position is going to reduce the back pain to a considerable level.

There is no need to lose hope if your baby is sunny side up in the starting phase of delivery. The baby is expected to return back to its normal position by the time delivery is expected. It would be a great feeling if correct posturing works for the betterment but till now it has been of now help.

It is suggested that you get in touch with your doctor on what has been their experience in dealing with OP positioned babies. You can discuss with them the options of delivery if the baby happens to be sunny side up. The more you are aware of it, the better you tend to be prepared when it comes to the delivery side of things.

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