What to Look For in Your New Sales Staff

What to Look For in Your New Sales Staff

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Looking for new sales staff for your team can be difficult.  These are the people that you need to drive your business forward but how can you make the right decisions when hiring?

The truth is that there are some attributes and skills that you should always look for in order to make the best possible decision.

A Hard Worker

It is easy to think that sales is all about being able to talk to people and convince them to buy from you. However, it is also the case that hard work is needed to find opportunities and to turn them into sales.

This means that you need someone who is willing to put in the hours and the hard work in order to achieve the end results you need. If a job candidate thinks that it is going to be easy and that they just need to turn up each day then they aren’t right for you.

Selling is very hard and it requires someone who is happy to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in each day.

Honesty and Integrity

Do you want someone who is less than completely honest to speak to your customers? This sort of person might get you a lot of sales early on, as they do whatever is needed to convince potential customers to sign on the dotted line.

However, it is likely that before too long the problems will begin to arrive at your doorstep. If they have been telling lies to make more sales then the truth is going to become known before too long.

The long term effect of having someone like this in your team is that your reputation could take a hammering. Many companies have hit huge problems or even been completely ruined through unethical sales tactics in the past.

Easy to Talk To

There is no denying that having a good, personable way of dealing with folk is vital in a salesperson. Whether they will be speaking to your leads face to face or on the phone, they need to be able to come across as a likeable, friendly person that is easy to talk to.

The good news is that it should be easy to work this out during their interview for the job. This is one of the easiest attributes to spot in any candidate for the job.

Of course, a problem to look out for is that they could lose their spark over time. Being bored or restless in the job could lead to them becoming less friendly and approachable to customers.

This is also a powerful attribute to look for if you are planning on using them to carry out some field marketing in the future too.

A Competitive Streak

All great salespeople have a competitive streak that they use to drive themselves on. This is a terrific thing to have, as it means that they will always be able to push on and look for more sales all the time.

Someone who doesn’t have this competitive edge may find is easy to settle for decent sales figures as the end of the month approaches. On the other hand, a team member who loves to win and who loves to sell will keep on going as far as they can.

This type of person can inspire the rest of the team and can really help you to create a powerful sales culture in your company. You can also encourage their competitive spirit by offering them incentives such as commission and prizes for selling more each time.

By using the services of a mystery shopping agency you can check how good your staff are at dealing with the public in a number of different situations.

A Quick Thinker

Another ability that should shine through during the job interview is the candidate’s ability to think quickly. Being able to think quickly on their feet could make the difference between getting a sale closed and watching it slip through their fingers.

You might want to give your sales staff a script for them to follow while speaking to potential customers. However, the person who is most successful is the one who successfully adapts to changing circumstances and answers unexpected questions and objections with the greatest aplomb.

Too many people think that sales work doesn’t require a great amount of thinking but this isn’t the case at all. The best sales people can think on their feet and will always find the best response to try and get the sale closed.

By spending a little bit of extra time choosing your new sales staff you can make sure that you get in the right people to take your business on to the next level.

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