Why transgender Africans have turned their back against a feminist

Why transgender Africans have turned their back against a feminist

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Even as the comments of a leading African writer has taken the world of Internet by storm, her comments on gender have left several fellow Nigerians feeling hurt.

It is a fact that many transgender women residing in African towns and cities have largely benefited from gaining male privilege” as they have been brought up as men. In line with this argument that’s going viral on the net, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the writer, had triggered off a controversial and vexed discussion, which is seen trending everywhere from Teen Vogue to Facebook. More so, there exists a less noticed discussion that happens to be the pained one in context to transgender and gay Nigerians. These days, BBC Trending is seen tracking the leading voices in this episode.

The trending episode took place last weekend when the writer and best-selling Nigerian novelist, also an outspoken feminist, had shared a reply when asked if transgender women were any less than real women. This question had come her way in an interview that took place with Channel 4 News.

She had replied that trans women were trans women. According to her belief, if an individual has happened to live and survive as a man, along with gaining the privileges that the society and world accord men, and thereafter switched gender, it would be tough for her to accept the experiences of such a person could be equated or compared with those of women who have sustained their lives on this planet living as women; especially in the face of the fact that they have never been accorded the privileges that were extended to men.

This interview had led on to spark some fiery and passionate responses along with global online debates. The heat was witnessed specially among the African citizens, One of the loudest voices belonged to Miss Sahhara, the popular Nigerian transgender model based out of London. She owns and runs transvalid.org, which is a portal dedicated to the cause of online support for transgender women.

As per Answers Africa, Miss Sahhara is of the opinion that most transgender women residing in Nigeria have been relying on online communities for garnering support. She wrote on her Facebook page that Adichie has proved to be divisive in the comments shared by her in the interview. She was surprised to note that Adichie, who had written several essays, and is noted for her viral TED talks on feminism, could find herself on such a pedestal.

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